PrintGREENSBORO – At UNC Greensboro, it’s a challenge to define the “typical” student.

“We have perhaps the most diverse student body in the system,” Chancellor Frank Gilliam, Jr. says in the accompanying video.

“It’s a fascinating campus in that way,” Gilliam says, listing non-traditional and working adults, African-Americans, LGBTQ and veterans among the student populations on campus.

“We’re all over the map, and that’s the beauty of the place,” he says.  “In many ways there is no typical student here, because we are so diverse.”

In the 16 months since he came to Greensboro, in fact, Gilliam has noticed many first-time visitors are surprised when they arrive at UNCG.

“People are surprised all the time when they come to this campus,” he says.  “They always say, ‘Gee, this is a lot prettier than I expected, the programs are a lot better than I expected, it’s more diverse than I expected.’  To which we say, expect the unexpected.”

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